Best Java YouTube channels for beginners

We were never expected that our last post, “Learn Ruby on Rails: best YouTubers to follow” will be such a major success. First, we would like to thank our readers for reading, sharing and liking that post. Second, we decide to make more posts like that, just for different programming languages, so this time, we look for the best Java YouTube channels for beginners.
You can check these different “step by step Java tutorials” channels, and when you feel you are ready to take our Java test, just click on the button at the end of this post.


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These videos are introductions to developing Java applications. If you want to learn Java, or eventually get into java game development, this is the perfect starting point for you:

The New Boston

On The New Boston YouTube channel, you’ll find 87 java tutorials for beginners, pretty awesome! Although the videos were uploaded in 2009 they are relevant for people with no experience in Java

Michael Fudge

Michael Fudge is, as written on his Twitter account, a: “Technologist. Teacher. Parent. Sysadmin & Database Nerd by day. C# and Java Hack by night. I like hexadecimal… and rainbows”

Programming Knowledge

On this channel, you can find 78 step by step Java tutorials. These tutorials are very basic but also very relevant since they were uploaded less than a year ago.

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