Best youtube channels to learn javascript for beginners

Javascript is a dynamic programming language which is nowadays used to make web pages interactive or drive the logic of backend servers.

There are many ways to learn Javascript, such as reading blogs and articles, taking an online course or test. All of these are great options to learn a new language, depending on what you need and prefer. One of my favorite options is watching youtube tutorials. There you get an easy and clear overview depending on what level you’re looking for. Below I’ve listed a few youtube channels in different angles presenting javascript for beginners. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from these cool guys!

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Derek Banas

Derek Banas has over 360,000 subscribers on his youtube channel. Sounds pretty impressive to me. We’ve already mentioned him before in our blog post Learn Ruby on Rails: best youtubers to follow He’s got videos about a literally of everything. He describes his youtube channel as “I make tutorials based on your requests. I will cover any topic you can imagine” such as cooking “how to make bagels” to “javascript tutorials” which is where this post was heading to. Take a look below and see how this guy can get you into the world of javascript: 


The New Boston  

With almost over 1,100 000 subscribers The New Boston is one of the bigger youtube channels for programming. This youtube video is just about 6 min which is perfect if you want to get a short and easy insight in javascript.


Jake Wright

Jake Wright studies Computer Science at Queens College, Cambridge. He’s sharing his knowledge in life through his years in college. In this video, he’s showing us the basics of Javascript in only 12 minutes. Pretty amazing for a beginner!

If you’re looking for something more detailed has a great youtube channel with tons of videos for web developers. This video is more than 6 hours long which gives you a great basic fundamental in how to learn Javascript.


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