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What does a Java Developer do?

JavaLogoJava developers design, develop, code and test computer software based on Java technology. Apart from Java programming, Java developers may also be required to debug and maintain existing code, perform software builds and releases and create automated test scripts.

Java’s main principals

  • Simple, object-oriented and familiar
  • Robust and secure
  • Architecture-neutral and portable
  • High performance
  • Interpreted, threaded, and dynamic
  • The syntax of Java is largely derived from C++

Required skills

After analyzing java developer job posts from all over the world, the following skills are the ones which most jobs ask for (in parenthesis – how important is each skill):

  • Java (36%)
  • Javascript (12%)
  • HTML (11%)
  • CSS (11%)
  • SQL ((10%)
  • Oracle (10%)
  • Hibernate (10%)

Interesting facts about Java

  • #1 Development Platform
  • Nearly 9 of every 10 computers in the US runs Java.
  • 3 Billion devices run Java
  • Java was originally designed for interactive TV in the 1990’s
  • There are 9 million java developers worldwide.
  • 1 Billion Java Downloads per Year
  • 100% of BLU-RAY Disc Players ship with Java

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