Best Ruby on Rails YouTubers


Ruby on Rails is a great development framework to learn as it’s pretty easy to get started with and has a big and mature community by now. Many people who want to start coding decide to make their first steps by learning RoR.

There are many ways to learn Ruby on Rails online, such as taking an online course, reading blogs and articles or taking RoR tests. All the options are great, depending on what mostly fits your needs.  One of the thing that can be of great help is watching youtube videos that teach and explain about Ruby on Rails.

Here are some YouTubers that can help and teach you a thing or two on Ruby on Rails:


Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie describes himself as a person that spends his time designing stuff, coding stuff, and making videos teaching what he’s learning. His videos are very easy to follow, and if you need extra reading, you can visit Mackenzie’s blog.

Derek Banas

Darek has more than 350,000 subscribers to his youtube channel! Pretty amazing. Though he has different kinds of video tutorials his Ruby on Rails ones are very good. Just take a look:

Dave Jones

Dave is a lecturer at Spokane Community College and from time to time uploads his coding lectures to Youtube so that we can all enjoy them. That way you can get all the information that people get in college.

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