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Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an open source web application full-stack framework written in Ruby. Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages today with an average salary of $105,000 – $111,000 a year in the US.

Based on the analysis of thousands of Ruby on Rails job posts, here are the most important skills that employers are looking for in Ruby on Rails developers
(you can click on the links to get more information on each skill):

Want to become a Ruby developer? Follow these steps:

1. Get to know Ruby

Before you dive in and start spending your time in learning Ruby, watch this intro video to learn some more what is Ruby:

2. Start learning

Today, there are great online learning resource for learning Ruby in all different levels. Here are some recommended resources you should consider:

Free courses:

Paid course:


3. Hands-on exercises

After gaining your initial knowledge of Ruby, there is no better way to sharpen your coding skills than practice. Here are 2 great site for getting
hands-on experience:

  • Rubeque
    – Solve small Ruby problems while competing against other Rubyists.
  • codewars.com
    – train with others on real code challenges.

4. Get help

Here is a great Q&A forum to get all the answer you need, for all your questions:

If you need any references material you can find it in the following link:

5. Test your skills

Your next step is to put your coding skills to test. Smarterer allows you to test your Ruby coding skills:

6. Stay relevant

Stay relevant and updated with the latest Ruby trends.

  • Join a meetup: Ruby Meetup Groups – meetups are a great way to meet relevant people from your
    industry face-to-face, to grow your network, and to be able to learn about the recent trends.
  • Join a newsletter: A Free, Weekly Email Newsletter to get all the latest updates.

Become a Ruby on Rails expert. Start here.


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