Now days SEO (Search Engine Optimization) targets many different kinds of searches, including image search, local search, video search, mobile search and more. As SEO specialists you must be incredibly metrics-driven, and proficient with web analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, different SERP tools, link analysis tools (Moz analytics, CuteRank, Raven…) and competitors research tools (SEMrush, Similarweb, Alexa…).

There is a lot of information online and it is easy to get lost in it. That why I brought you a short list but one that includes only the best blogs to keep you on your toes and fully updated on SEO news and hacks. No more and no less.

1. Moz Blog

roger_and_logo_mozI love Moz and I love Randy Fishkin, Moz founder. These guys turned their understanding of search engine algorithm into a scientist. On the website you can find tutorials, eBooks and forum that has the answers to almost any SEO related question.
And there’s the blog. It’s awesome. The blog writers are some of the best in the industry, Samuel Scott, Dr. Peter J. Meyers and of course Rand Fishkin. Reading the posts you get the feeling that they truly see themselves as “The White Hat Knights of SEO industry” with posts such as “The Alleged $7.5 Billion Fraud in Online Advertising” and “How to Stop Spam Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Referral Data”.

2. Search Engine Land

Search engine land are always the first  to publish the latest developments, 10306644_10152248250891669_4207720044346734830_ntrends and the upcoming algorithm changes in SEO industry.
The blog is super user friendly and includes sections that are dedicated to mobile optimization, local, social and Bing optimization with great explanations and case studies.

3. Wordstream Blog

Thou it is more PPC (Pay-per-click) focused, the blog excels at Keywords research hacks, niche finders and puts great focus on conversion optimization. wordstream_logoThe blog supplies it’s readers with many search marketing tools which is very helpful!

4. Similar web Blog

I mention similar web before, as one of the competitors analysis tools. Well, they also have an awesome blog that I’d recommend you to keep it on your RSS list. similarweb-logo-r225xThese guys have tones (!!!) of data on web traffic in their hands and they know how to use it to create the most interesting posts with insights that every marketer can use. Posts like “Data Reveals Dads Like Weird Gifts for Father’s Day” and “What Does the Taylor Swift v. Spotify Fallout Mean for Music?” won we over.

Beside joins the blogs above newsletter lists I would also highly recommend you to join professional groups on social media platforms such as: LinkedIn, Facebook and google+ communities. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of the issues that SEO specialists are dealing with on a daily bases. Also those groups are a great place to consult and get advice on your SEO and PPC efforts from some of the best marketers in the SEM industry.

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