Java was create exactly 20 year ago, 1995. Java developers design, develop, code and test computer software based on Java technology. Apart from Java programming, Java developers may also be required to debug and maintain existing code, perform software builds and releases and create automated test scripts.

How do I become a Java developer?

Base on ReSkills’ analysis of thousands of  Java Developer job descriptions here are the top  7 skills that a Java programmer needs to get hired:

  • Java (36%)
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  • Oracle (10%)


  • Hibernate (10%)

The web is full of Java online courses and tutorials, free and paid. We gathered for you some of the best recommended online courses and tutorials in Java.

Java online courses & tutorials:

Java for beginners:

“Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners” by Udemy

24823_963e_10 Cost: $0

Learn to program using the Java programming language.

“Java – The Beginners Series” by Udemy 

77020_94a5_5 Cost: $o

An overview of all the core concepts in Java to build a strong foundation in your computer programming skills.

“Learn to Program with Java for Complete Beginners – Part 1” by Udemy

Cost: $99127656_b25f_6

For absolute beginners, this professional training course will teach you how to create programs from scratch using Java.

“Programming Java for Beginners – The Ultimate Java Tutorial” by Udemy

239326_64d2_3 Cost: $59

Learn Java Programming at your own Pace. Comes Complete with Working Files and a Verifiable Certificate of Completion.


Java, Database and MySQL connection:

“Java Database Connection: JDBC and MySQL” by Udemy

366280_5908 Cost: $0

Learn how to connect to a MySQL database with Java JDBC.


Java Spring Tutorial:

Spring Framework 4 And Dependency Injection For Beginners” by Udemy


Cost: $0

Spring Framework 4 Getting Started And Dependency Injection Fundamentals For Real World Application Development

“The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java’s Popular Web Framework” by Udemy


Cost: $39

Learn the hottest, most in-demand Java web framework, including web programming with Spring MVC and Hibernate.

Learn to program with Spring

357726_2b63_2 Cost: $49

Learn to program with Spring. An in-depth course on Spring programming from Infinite Skills



“Java Persistence: Hibernate and JPA Fundamentals” by Udemy

169638_9bde_4 Cost: $79

A simple-to-follow and easy-to-understand training course on Java Persistence with JPA by Example


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